Gordon Makes An Omelette In Norway With...Reindeer Sausage!? | Scrambled

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This week on Scrambled on the Road, Gordon visits Norway where he cooks with a local delicacy...Reindeer! Yes, that reindeer. The native Sámi people have been using Reindeer meat in various ways for centuries but for the first time, Gordon is turning it into a hearty breakfast fit for any viking!
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Full Recipe: gordonramsay.com/gr/recipes/reindeeromelette
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Daniel Remekie654
Daniel Remekie654 - 46 minutter siden
I wonder if the camera man gets hungry
ROHIT P - 10 timer siden
Is he drunk in this video???
E Hatlenes
E Hatlenes - 12 timer siden
Brunost gang
John Mar
John Mar - 13 timer siden
When I make an omelette I add ketchup, mayo, cheese, mushroom, olives, and pickles. Get the edges burnt and you got the best omelette in the world
Zed - 20 timer siden
Where are my norwegians at
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen - 23 timer siden
Very unorthodox. I definatley do not think this was good. Brown cheese is something you only have on bread
Simen - Dag siden
Gordon bread butter strawberry jam hole milk. Tradisjon.
Eva Gao
Eva Gao - Dag siden
No one talking about his hair?
Pauliyd466 - Dag siden
Looks delicious, amazing work as always. I might try to make this at home sometime.
Zipotas - Dag siden
As a proud norwegian i'm so happy that Gordon Ramsay likes "brunost" (brown cheese)
Pv Up Greninja
Pv Up Greninja - 53 minutter siden
But the way he uses it
dipshit - Dag siden
Er æ den eneste som bli ekstremt glad og gira når noen snakker om Norge?
Denzel Angweita
Denzel Angweita - Dag siden
For a second I thought the title said *reindeer eggs* lmao
Ryan Mikalsen
Ryan Mikalsen - Dag siden
Benjamin Køien Latham
CoolGamer Jr
CoolGamer Jr - Dag siden
Hey from Norway
text - Dag siden
spoofer20 - Dag siden
As a Norwegian. Wtf was that? This is like taking a beef wellington and putting cheese on it. Wat??
But I could probably do this if I was really drunk ... sooo I am suspecting something here.
Eric Kane
Eric Kane - 2 dager siden
Never even heard of anyone using brown cheese in an omelete before.
Hold my beer, heading to the kitchen.
Craig Johnston
Craig Johnston - 2 dager siden
“Increamably creamy”
Amira Al mialli
Amira Al mialli - 2 dager siden
Only arab thats in norway rn watching this? xD
THE_Ray_of_doom _
THE_Ray_of_doom _ - 2 dager siden
Im norweigen and i dont like brown chesse and hes throwing that much on there i think hes gon mad
Verzeth - 2 dager siden
Jeg er den norske kommentaren i kommentarfeltet
Ritsomann - 2 dager siden
Monica Hansen
Monica Hansen - 2 dager siden
cringepad - 2 dager siden
Finaly someone who acctually likes Brown cheese that isnt from norway
Pv Up Greninja
Pv Up Greninja - 53 minutter siden
But the way he used it
Supreme - 2 dager siden
Brown cheese with jam is so good
Henry - 2 dager siden
im so hungry why am i watching these videos
Eurotrash RC
Eurotrash RC - 2 dager siden
0:02 what I see when I inspect my scrotum after a shave.
me: hmm, still needs a bit off the top... oh shit, I got a rash
Atle Holtskog
Atle Holtskog - 2 dager siden
6:37 Being Norwegian, it's painful to see that Gordon does not turn the cheese around, but only slices from one side
delboi1978 - 2 dager siden
anyone else get the feeling that he wasn't all that happy about working with "brown" cheese?
AdrianYT - 3 dager siden
Living in Norway, I felt like i was hosting kitchen nightmares watching this video
Lord Spade
Lord Spade - 3 dager siden
Love how the title makes the reindeer sausage into the point of interest when the real fucked up part is the fact that he puts brown cheese in the omelette. What the actual fuck are you doing, Gordon
Sigurd. - 3 dager siden
Yes Gordon Ramsay likes BRUNOST.
heine - 3 dager siden
We usually make mac and cheese but we use brown cheese instead, it's actually pretty gud
Ernesto Apesto
Ernesto Apesto - 3 dager siden
I think it looks tasty AF, though I am dissapointed you didn't go for a snowmobile-sandwich. That's the true tradition in the area you recorded this.
Syrnian - 3 dager siden
The eggs are a wet mess.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - 3 dager siden
Wiking lord
Wiking lord - 3 dager siden
ta på dæ læstan
ta på dæ læstan - 3 dager siden
Gordon: «And that’s what’s good about being here. No one messes with tradition»
Also Gordon: *messes with tradition in the worst possible way*
Spicy Chicken
Spicy Chicken - 3 dager siden
I live in Norway and it’s taste better if you use brown cheese with strawberry jam
kyle wildoner
kyle wildoner - 3 dager siden
Looks like someone planed on not shitting for a few weeks
•iiKimxDestinyii •
•iiKimxDestinyii • - 4 dager siden
Bruh gordon ramsay be cooking in a large fire i forgot to turn off the fire on my pan then i started a fire ;-; but just a tiny one i never cooked ever again :(
Chicken 69
Chicken 69 - 4 dager siden
Billie Eyelash -
Billie Eyelash - - 4 dager siden
0:28 as a norwegian person my respect for gordon went: 📈📈📈📈📈📈 when he said he thought brown cheese was delicious
Teddy 2shots
Teddy 2shots - 4 dager siden
I think Gordon likes salt
lo beats
lo beats - 4 dager siden
J buddy
J buddy - 4 dager siden
Hunter Savage
Hunter Savage - 5 dager siden
to much salt fyi
Tatsuki Cantora
Tatsuki Cantora - 5 dager siden
That's too much of salt for me...
Társulás Mindegy
Társulás Mindegy - 5 dager siden
Mindegy Cultural Association - KÖRÖMPÖRKÖLT - PORK TROTTERS STEW

邱铠泽 - 5 dager siden
The best heat insulator in the world:gordon ramsay hand
Miss obo
Miss obo - 5 dager siden
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Mr.Gameplays - 5 dager siden
You gained some weight sir Ramsay
qdd xdd
qdd xdd - 6 dager siden
xphyx - 6 dager siden
Is this what people outside of Norway think us norwegians like to eat?
Stic - 3 dager siden
I hope not.
t - 6 dager siden
why does there have to be dumbass guitar music over this?
nothing screams quaint cottage in norway like twangy rock music
Nooris gaming
Nooris gaming - 6 dager siden
Just why
Nooris gaming
Nooris gaming - 6 dager siden
Leon - 6 dager siden
MANGIA BENE - 6 dager siden
Come questa gordon??? https://youtu.be/nw7zj1Zw448